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Mindfulness, Meditation, and Money

living more mindfully and less mindlessly brings more meaning and happiness

❝Mindfulness means seeing things as they are, without trying to change them. The point is to dissolve our reactions to disturbing emotions, being careful not to reject the emotion itself.❞ -Tara Bennett-Goldman

I'm standing at a bus stop with my wife getting ready to jump on the approaching bus. We are on the Las Vegas Strip, taking a free shuttle to a hotel off the strip to see Penn and Teller do their magic show. I consider myself a bit of an amateur magician, so I'm very excited; I've been a fan of Penn and Teller for years.

On the bus, I'm staring out the window, looking at the sites, when I hear somebody talking loudly. I turn to see who is talking. There aren't many people on the bus, so it's easy to spot the culprit. I expected to see him talking to somebody but was shocked to find out he is simply talking to himself. He is having a two-sided dialogue with himself, both asking and answering questions. So naturally, I start judging him. I wonder what kind of crazy person sits on a bus and has a conversation with himself.

I'm relieved when we get to the hotel because I can finally get off the bus away from the crazy guy. After eating dinner, we walk into the theater, and I am blown away by how big it is. The audience is invited to go onstage to sign a guestbook and to check the stage. While on stage, we look out towards the audience, and the theater is even bigger than we thought.

After finding our seats, the show starts, and Penn and Teller do a couple of tricks before requesting an audience member. Penn jumps off the stage and starts heading straight for my wife while making eye contact with her. She gets nervous, and I get excited, hoping to see her on stage.

Penn stares into my wife's face but then turns, looks at me, and asks me for my name. I'm so shocked that I don't even have an answer at first. He invites me onto the stage, and I prevent Teller from getting out of a garbage bag he jumped into while Penn fills it up with helium.

In a flash, the garbage bag is over my head like a balloon, and Teller is shaking my hand. I make my way back to my seat and my wife, after making fun of me a little bit, said it was pretty funny to hear what Penn said while we were going up to the stage. I admit I had no idea what he said while we walked up to the stage because all I remember was telling myself that I needed to focus on not tripping on the stairs. I asked myself why they picked me. I wondered if I looked okay because I didn't have a chance to check my appearance before going up on stage in front of all these people. My wife tells me that he made some jokes about how escape tricks are usually masculine and rugged, using ropes and chains, but they are instead going to use a garbage bag.