Financial Therapy

Personal finance has two sides - the exterior and the interior. The exterior side of finance can be thought of like the nuts and bolts of finance, or the mechanics of money. It's the rules. It's the math and the equations. The interior side of finance looks at the emotions, feelings, behaviors, and feelings behind money. Money Health Solutions blends the two, making sure you have a healthy relationship with money and financial well-being.

Financial therapy combines financial knowledge with tools from psychotherapy to offer a therapeutic relationship to help you understand your money history, financial beliefs, and financial behaviors. 

Money Health Solutions believes that everything revolves around you. You are the expert in yourself, and you have a natural propensity toward growth. Money Health Solutions helps you tap into your autonomy. 

Therapeutic approaches include the transtheoretical (stages of change) model, solution-focused financial therapy, cognitive-behavioral financial therapy, and motivational interviewing. 

There is no shame, no blame, and no judgment; just financial health facilitation. I help you develop a healthy relationship with money, overcome resistance to change, and promote positive action.

Financial therapy is mostly backward-looking. If you have a healthy and comfortable relationship with money, financial consulting might be for you. Money Health Solutions' financial consulting approach covers the interior side of finance by looking forward and helping you align your use of money with what's important to you. In this way, you are likely to take action. 

There is an important note: Money Health Solutions does not offer psychotherapy or psychiatry. Money Health Solutions uses some of the tools from therapy, but only in the context of helping you achieve a balanced and healthy financial life. If you need help with mental health issues, Money Health Solutions is happy to help you find a qualified mental health professional. 

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