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Enjoy Your Experiences: It May Be the Last Time

all experiences will happen for the last time
No matter how many times you do something, there will come a time when you do it for the last time.❞ -Sam Harris

I'm playing three-on-three football and I'm wide open. The quarterback tosses the ball up perfectly and hits me in stride. Right when I catch it, though, I get hit...hard. My best friend set a trap by letting me appear open so that he can get a running start at me. It hurts. I'm lying on the ground in pain, but in a matter of minutes, I'm back up. We had a good time, and we had some good laughs afterward, despite my pain.

I haven't played football in nearly 20 years. It turns out this was the last time I played football. I didn't know that was going to be my last time playing.

What would happen if you started viewing your life through the lens of "last-time" experiences? Would you cherish your time better? Would you be less likely to waste your time?

Last Times in the Future

With everything you do, you will do it for the last time. Certainly, upon death, everything will have happened for the last time. However, it doesn't take death for your experiences to happen for the last time.

If you have a young child, there will be a time you hold your child for the last time, as she will soon be a teenager. If you take vacations with your family, there will be a last time your children are with. There will be a last time to have dinner with your parents, go for a run, or sleep in late.

You don't know when the last time will be.

last times in the future

Last Times in the Past

You probably have things in your life that you've done for the last time, many of those you really enjoyed. And if you spend even five minutes thinking about it, you'll find you likely would have done things differently if you knew it was going to be the last time.

You can use these experiences as a springboard into appreciating your current experiences more. You know that there will be a last time, just like with those past experiences, and that last time might be this time.

The knowledge that you've had things you've enjoyed doing, helps you understand that you owe it to yourself to enjoy your life more now.