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Enjoy Your Experiences: It May Be the Last Time

all experiences will happen for the last time
No matter how many times you do something, there will come a time when you do it for the last time.❞ -Sam Harris

I'm playing three-on-three football and I'm wide open. The quarterback tosses the ball up perfectly and hits me in stride. Right when I catch it, though, I get hit...hard. My best friend set a trap by letting me appear open so that he can get a running start at me. It hurts. I'm lying on the ground in pain, but in a matter of minutes, I'm back up. We had a good time, and we had some good laughs afterward, despite my pain.

I haven't played football in nearly 20 years. It turns out this was the last time I played football. I didn't know that was going to be my last time playing.

What would happen if you started viewing your life through the lens of "last-time" experiences? Would you cherish your time better? Would you be less likely to waste your time?

Last Times in the Future