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We're All Going to Die


"No one gets out of here alive."

-Jim Morrison


It's 2007 and I'm visiting my family in Fargo, North Dakota over Labor Day weekend. We are all going to a lake near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. It's a great day; I spent time with family, enjoy the water, the sun, and some drinks. I ride with my brother and his girlfriend so when it was time to go home he drives my car; he doesn't drink.

So we start our trek back to Fargo. It's very dark and we don't know the roads very well. There's a curve in the road up ahead, and all of a sudden a car whips around the corner very quickly and is heading right towards us...in our lane!

My brother has somewhat of a "deer in the headlights" reaction going on, and since he's not familiar with my car he can't find my horn or lights fast enough. We just stop. We are literally sitting in my car waiting to get smashed into at 55 miles per hour. 

The car eventually swerves and missed us; we survive. But, we very easily could have died*. That was 12 years ago. Up until that point I lived my life the way many people do. I floated around from circumstance to circumstance, reacting to whatever life threw my way. I didn't take any time to figure out what I wanted out of life, I just reacted to the things (good and bad) that happened to me.


I could be living on borrowed time right now. I've experienced 12 years that perhaps I shouldn't have. Or a bigger tragedy might be that I could have died without ever living my life on purpose.

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We're Not Here Long

We are all going to die. The fact that we know we will die someday gives many a great deal of stress and angst. I propose that it need not be that way. The reality is that you are going to die; and every one you love is going to die. I hope it's not for a long time, but it could be tomorrow. Living with, and accepting this knowledge should change how you feel about your time on Earth.