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Combat Catastrophic Thinking With Gratitude

bad things happen but it's never as bad as we think
❝Perspective is your own choice and the best way to shift that perspective is through gratitude. -Bronnie Ware

My wife and I are grateful for the shade the trees provide while we hike down the trail. We are in southeastern Tennessee in the summertime hiking to a waterfall, and I'm not used to this level of heat and humidity.

Luckily, we're walking through the shade, following a river upstream. The scenery is beautiful, and the fresh air feels great. The path we are on is pretty well-traveled. As a result, we have to watch our footing because many roots from the trees have been exposed. They are easy to trip over - I've already tripped, so as much as I would love to keep my head up and look at the scenery, I keep my head down to see where I'm putting my feet. There's a big root coming up, and luckily I spot it. With my current stride, I plan to just step on the root and keep moving.

Right as I'm about to step on the root, the root starts slithering, sliding, and coiling.

To understand what happens next, you have to picture a contortionist undulating in midair while