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Choose Your Response Carefully


"Panic causes tunnel vision. Calm acceptance of danger allows us to more easily assess the situation and see the options."

-Simon Sinek


I'm on a walk with our dog, Bingo, while a biker is coming toward us is screaming at us, "Get out of the way! Move! Move! Get out of my way!"

I can't believe it. I've never heard someone so rude. I know bikers can have a bad reputation, but this is intense. Are you kidding me!? I am out of the way. Bingo and I are on the side of the trail - on the opposite side of the trail. We can't move over any further. What an ass!

It's 5:30 in the morning, it's dark, and on the trail near our house there are no lights so without a flashlight, you can usually see pretty good once your eyes get used to it. I prefer night vision and not using flashlights because it's more enjoyable seeing with night vision. Instead of a flashlight, I have an armband with a flashing neon red light so bikers and runners can see me.

And while I don't like using white lights because of my night vision, many bikers commuting in the dark have no problem with using as many of the brightest white lights they can find. I guess it's something about safety...

As Bingo and I are walking, this biker appears ahead of us coming towards us. I am, of course, blinded from both the light on his handlebars and the light on his helmet. As he gets closer I move to the side of the trail and have Bingo sit while he goes by. I turn away so I can protect my eyes.

That's when he started yelling at me.

Since he is a complete jerk, I yell at him, calling him certain four-letter words.

That's when tells me, "I'm so sorry about that! I saw your dog's eyes getting reflected and I thought you were a deer I was trying to scare away."

It turns out when I moved off the side of the trail I turned my flashing armband away from him so he had no idea I was there.

Who's the ass now?

put space between stimulus and response

You Are the Center of the Universe

You are the center of the universe. You are the only one who experiences what you experience and, as a result, your perspective is different from everyone else's. In other words, you're egocentric. Although this has grown to be viewed as a bad term, it's quite literally true. All the experiences in the world happen within your perspective. Even if you watch me fall off my bike, that event was experienced in your visual field.

As a result, we tend to think everyone is getting in our way. But in fact, the opposite may be true; perhaps it is us getting in someone else's way.

we are all egocentric - the center of our own universe

So Is Everyone Else

Alright, so you are the center of your own universe. You have your own subjective experience and everything in the universe happens within your awareness. But so does everyone else. It's not just you and me. Every single person experiences the world as if they are the center of the universe.

everyone else is the center of their own universe

Judgment Fears

Because we live at the center of the universe, we feel like everyone else experiences what we experience. We tend to live our lives worrying about what others think of us. We believe everyone notices what we are doing and what we are going through. If everyone notices us, it stands to reason that they might judge us.

We don't like to be judged. The good news is that nobody actually does notice; not really.