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Dealing With the Stress of Talking About Money

emotional flooding causes mistakes when we communicate
A peculiar thing often happens in conflict situations: people just stop listening to each other.❞ -William Miller

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You and your partner are having a conversation and then, out of nowhere, you're voices are raised and you are saying things you don't mean. When we're in this kind of state we end up saying and doing things that hurt others, often when we don't mean to and wish we didn't. I call these mistakes, and too much stress makes it more likely we'll make these kinds of mistakes.

There is a name for this. It's called emotional flooding. Overcoming and preventing it can save us from ourselves and strengthen our relationships.

Characters of Your Brain

To understand why we tend to make mistakes when we are stressed out when talking about money, we have to learn some technical neuroscience. Below, you'll see a very detailed scan of a human brain that shows the animals that live inside our heads (okay, a little sarcasm may be detected).