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You're Worth More Than You Think

you are worth more than you think necause there's a worth gap

❝Until you value yourself, you can't expect anyone else to do so.❞ -John Frederick Demartini

Pablo Picasso is sitting at a restaurant in Paris when a woman approaches him. She asks him to draw a picture on a napkin. He scribbles a sketch down on the napkin and tells the woman it will be $10,000.

The woman is astonished. She replies, "But it only took you 30 seconds!"

"No," Picasso said, "It has taken me 40 years to do that."


A homeowner is frustrated with a squeaky floorboard and calls a handyman to come to fix it. Upon arriving, the handyman steps on the floor a few times, takes out a nail, and hammers it into the floor, thus fixing the squeak.

The handyman writes an invoice for $100 and hands it to the homeowner.

The homeowner is a bit frustrated and confused by such a large bill for such a short amount of time. The handyman replies by writing an itemized invoice. On it, he writes, "One nail, $0.50; knowing where to put the nail, $99.50."

pablo picasso napkin story


There are things that you are naturally good at. You might be a naturally gifted athlete, able to pick up new sports with no problem. Perhaps you are good at math, taking advanced courses throughout your education and finding it fun to solve math problems. You might be a fast reader, taking in information quickly with no problem. These are your strengths.