with Derek Hagen, Psychology of Money Speaker


Hello, I'm Derek and thank you for stopping by. I'm here to help.

I am available to talk to your audience about the psychology of money, including improving financial health, living intentionally, financial mindfulness, money and happiness, money in relationships, and more. I combine story-telling and simple drawings to engage your audience and help them retain the message so they can make smart decisions with their money.

My mission is to simplify money matters so it doesn't have to be a top source of stress.

I am available to support virtual events, as well as in-person events.

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Speaking Topics

Ideas for General Audiences

Financial Awareness: Understanding and Improving Financial Behavior

Money and Meaning: Using Your Money to Find Meaning

Money, Values, and Life: Designing Your Life to Live Purposely

Money and Happiness: Understanding the Connection

Love and Money: Having Effective Conversations About Money


Ideas for Financial Professionals

Financial Purpose: Helping Your Clients Use Their Money to Bring Meaning

Helping Clients Change When They Don't Seem to Want To

Helping Your Clients Understand Their Money Scripts

Your Clients Only Live Once: Help Clients Live Intentionally

Don't Pick Sides: Working With Couples


Showing Your Clients You Understand: Listening with Pictures

What Others Say:

"Derek's communication and his professionalism really impressed me. When it came to his presentation, he really captivated the audience by having not only good audio content - the words that he spoke - but it correlated really well with his engaging presentation that he actually draws himself. The visual images are simple but really powerful."

-Shaun M.

"Derek is uniquely able to talk about difficult topics in fun and engaging ways. He is able to bring up scary topics like death and money decisions with compassion and humor. I left his presentation with a new mindset for both myself and my clients."

-Nate A.

Presentations are custom-tailored to your audience and objective. I am based outside of Minneapolis, MN, and do travel. Speaking fees and presentation proposals are available upon request.