money health
drawing  depot

Simple drawings for use in blog posts, presentations, office supplies, or anything else you want.

About Branding:

All files can be used, as is, in any way you like. There are two main ways to purchase, 1) with Money Health branding.

Money Health Branding: drawings with "Money Health" in the corner can be used as is - that is, you leave the Money Health branding in the corner.

No Branding: drawings without branding can be used without attribution. The only thing you may not do is claim authorship.

About File Types:

Are files have transparent backgrounds, which means you don't have to worry about the background color when you use the image. You have two file type options, 1) PNG files or 2) SVG files.

PNG: PNG files are bitmap files, which means they are made up of pixels. These work well for relatively small uses, presentations, blog posts, and so on. If you try to display them too large, they can become pixelated.

SVG: SVG files are vector images. Vectors images don't use pixels, but rather shapes and lines. They are constructed using formulas, so these will never pixelate.

PNG Files