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You may not have known coaching and counseling are available to you. Everyone needs a financial plan, but not everyone needs a financial planner. Once you know what to do, actually doing it is trivial. Coaching and counseling combine traditional finance - knowing what to do - and behavioral finance and financial psychology - getting yourself to change. 

At Hagen Financial you've get advice, education, encouragement, and empowerment to get your financial affairs in order and be happy with your relationship with money. 


Here is what you can expect. 

Organize Your Financial Affairs

Most people are not interested in personal finance or talking about money. Instead, you probably prefer to focus your attention on your home and family, your work and career, your hobbies and passions; all the things that are important to you. Often times we know we are leaving money on the table, overpaying, or are otherwise inefficient. Unfortunately we don't know what to do about it. 

Getting everything in one place, seeing how everything works and how it all works together takes away the anxiety that comes with the normal disorganization - and replaces it with a sense of peace that your financial decisions are being made on purpose and with confidence. 

Focus On What Matters To You

Most of us have never taken the time to think about what is important to us or thought about what we want out of life. People float around by circumstance and don't live their lives on purpose.


Nor have we taken the time to see how we are spending our time and money. We are often surprised to learn that our behaviors and our values don't match up. 

Learning what is important to you goes beyond asking yourself, "What do I think is important?" That's because that only accesses part of our brain and ignores our subconscious thoughts. Going through deep imagination exercises allows us to access those thoughts that we may not have been aware of. 

After learning what is important to you, we then make sure you are spending your resources - your money, time, and energy - in a way that aligns with your values. 

Get Into a Habit of Saving and Investing

Your savings habits have a much greater effect on your long-term wealth than the rate of return on your investments. 

Most of us don't have an advocate telling us to pay ourselves a fair percentage of our income. You can treat that money as one more expense that has to be paid every month. With the power of compound interest you'll soon find that your small steps now will pay off big in the long-run.

Turn Seemingly Impossible Goals Into a Routine

Any goal, no matter how big, can be broken down into manageable, monthly increments. With routine and persistence that goal becomes attainable. 

By saving and investing every month into investments that get something close to what the markets offer, you'll be able to retire with far more money than seems possible given your current situation. 

I'll help you identify your values and goals, put numbers to them, and break them down into individual pieces. Goals that you never thought you could achieve can be accomplished with your new routine. 

Focus on the Present - Not Just Retirement

Not that long ago there was little understanding of the downside of retirement - that retirement means more than just leisure. Retirement often represents the elimination of a feeling of usefulness, and a loss of stature and self-esteem for the lifelong worker. When you retire and golfing or traveling is your most important activity, then golf or travel suddenly become your work. 

Retirement is a huge, dangerous transition and all too many people will unknowingly retire to lives of emptiness and meaninglessness. Before planning for retirement, it's often a better idea to plan for your life and how your career fits into it. This means focusing on finding work that energizes you and where you will be happy working for longer. 

When it comes time to plan for retirement, it is more than knowing if you have saved enough. It is about finding meaningful activities to fill your time. The loss of personal connections and problem solving (both of which we get at work) have been shown to be associated with dementia and Alzheimer's. 

Retiring to something is more important than retiring away from something. 

Peace of Mind

By hiring a wealth coach, you will start to enjoy a certain peace of mind about your financial life. You'll become smarter about financial issues and make financial decisions on purpose. You'll feel like you have an ally who is on your side in a world where everyone wants to sell you something. 

You will have a better understanding of yourself; who you are, what you want, your money history, and your behaviors around money. You will come away with greater financial health and a healthy relationship with money. 

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