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Why You Should Stop Judging


"Be curious, not judgmental."

-Walt Whitman


I'm speeding through town trying to get to the bank where I work. I have a bottle of Coke in my right hand while I simultaneously hold my gas station cheeseburger and the steering wheel with my left hand. I had to talk to my professor after class and now I'm running late. In addition to my full course load, I work close to full time. Those hours, though, include evenings, Saturdays, and whenever I can squeeze in a shift in between classes.

Two years later I find myself in a job with "normal" hours. That is, I have evenings and weekends off, and I have vacation time. On this particular day, I took the day off to get some errands done. I see a lot of people outside walking around. I go to a couple of stores and there are a lot of people there.

I see all these people, shopping, running, and playing around outside and my automatic thought is, "why aren't these people at work?"

Apparently, I adapted to my new life pretty quickly. Further, I thought that since this is what I do now, everyone should be like me. Those who aren't like me obviously have something wrong with them because they don't share my values.

Did it occur to me that perhaps they work nights? Did it occur to me that they may work weekends so this could very well be a day off? Surely it occurred to me that they could be in my exact same boat; taking a day off to get some stuff done.


I was judgmental. As a result, I wasn't in a good mood. Luckily I didn't voice my concerns to anyone to their face so they didn't have to suffer. But the fact remains that I spent my time and energy in a wasteful way.

Judging others doesn't help anyone