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Money and Living a Simple Life

contentment comes from simplicity

❝The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.❞ -Hans Hofmann

I'm at my computer, creating a complicated spreadsheet to track all of my credit cards. It's 2005, and I just moved to the Minneapolis area. I have a lot of credit card debt left over from college, and I don't have a job yet. One thing I try to do to save money on interest is to regularly open up different credit cards. Then I transfer balances to the new cards to get an introductory rate. To do this, I have to track all the cards I have in my spreadsheet and when the introductory period closes so that I know to open up a new credit card and transfer the balance again.

Eventually, the spreadsheet gets so complicated that it's hard for me to understand - and that is saying something because I'm the one that developed it. At this point, I realize I spend an enormous amount of time and energy fiddling around with this spreadsheet. It's too complicated and takes time away from other things I would like to do - more meaningful things I could use my time on.