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Financial Beliefs and Money Scripts

financial beliefs and behaviors are connected
As soon as we become aware of money, we develop beliefs about it - beliefs we cling to.❞ -George Kinder

Let's talk about a guy we'll call "Fred." Fred hates rich people. On his social media accounts he posts memes about how they aren't being villainized, they are villains. More recently he posted about his frustration with the economy that he believes is rigged for the rich.

Fred doesn't save money. He chooses to view people with money in a negative light and to ease his discomfort, he tells himself the story that the system isn't set up for his success.

Fred's beliefs impact how he makes and saves money. Others have beliefs that say you should never talk about money. Others believe that more money would make them happy.

Our beliefs impact our behaviors and outcomes. It's worth exploring those core beliefs.


Our financial behaviors are what we do for and with our money. This includes our income, including our profession, how often we look for new jobs, how likely we are to ask for raises, and how aggressively we seek promotions.

Once you have your income, financial behaviors include what you do with your income. They include how much you save, where you save, and how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with savings. It includes how much you invest and how risky your investments are. They include how much you give and to whom you give. They include how you handle talking about money.

Financial behaviors represent anything we do for, with, or about money. They are neither good nor bad. The context matters.

financial behaviors cover your whole financial life


When our financial behaviors start to cause harm, either to ourselves or to others, they become problematic. This could be behaviors that are well known, like gambling too much, overshopping, or overworking. They also include money secrets, enabling others, involving children in adult matters, underearning, or not paying attention to money matters.

With few exceptions, these problematic financial behaviors make perfect sense to the person behaving this way. These fly by underneath our conscious awareness. Without doing some work you may never know 1) that you are doing som