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Money, Happiness, and Life

aligning money and life equals happiness

❝Thomas Jefferson was a real poet. He was slick with that 'pursuit' of happiness because the 'pursuit' puts it back on you.❞ -Will Smith

I feel pretty good as I move into my new office. It's 2017, and I just accepted a job with a fancy title and a high salary. I make more money than I've ever made in my life. I have no worries about money whatsoever. My life right now is a complete 180 from where I come from.

Not only do I not have to worry about money, but I'm also never going to be behind on bills, I can afford anything that I want, and for the most part, I can do anything I want. But I'm miserable. I'm miserable because my new job comes with a micromanager, which is the opposite of autonomy, one of my core values. My new job comes with expectations of working evenings and weekends with very few vacation days. This doesn't satisfy my value of adventure. Other core values, like creativity, curiosity, and learning, can't be met at this new firm either.

I find myself in a position where I have enough money to afford everything I want, but I can't meet my core values.

Money didn't provide the happiness I thought it would.

money doesn't bring the happiness we hope


We can't talk about happiness without first defining happiness. This is a more difficult task than it seems on the surface. Before we can even define happiness, we have to know whether or not it's an emotion, a mindset, a lifestyle, a choice, or a state of being.