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Money and Resilience: Growing From Pain

resilience comes from growing through pain

❝To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.❞ -Frederich Nietzche

Imagine working on the Biosphere 2 project in the early 1990s, studying life on Earth. You are puzzled by the trees. The trees grew faster inside Biosphere 2 than outside, which is fascinating in and of itself. What's more interesting, though, is that these faster-growing trees would fall over before they could mature. Biosphere 2 trees were, in effect, floppy trees.

After investigating this phenomenon, you realize that trees became floppy because they didn't experience enough stress. There was no wind. Wind knocks a tree around and, if the wind is strong enough, causes branches to fall and even the entire tree. One would think that getting rid of the wind, i.e., reducing the stress that they experiences, would make the tree better off. In fact, they discovered the opposite. They discovered that without stress, the tree could not develop strength.

It's the same for us as humans.

people need to suffer in order to grow strength


A world without problems would be boring. Imagine a book or a movie where nothing bad ever happened and everybody was always in a good mood. I'm assuming you would not read that book or watch that movie. Problems and challenges make life interesting. I grew up with a video game called Super Mario Brothers, which is a game where you play a plumber who tries to rescue a princess from a turtle dragon (I can't make this up). In this game, you try to get your character from the left side of the world to the right side of the world while avoiding obstacles like holes in the ground and enemies that are trying to kill you. If you successfully got to the right side of the le