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We're All Tourists on Earth

enjoy life because we're not here forever
❝A tourist is simply a person who is unashamed of being curious about the place he or she has landed in.❞ -Anita Diamant

It's 2015, and my wife and I are on red rental bikes pedaling through downtown Denver. We are on our way to have lunch at a cool little place that we read about. Later on, we go to a brewery that just opened. The brewery is beautiful on a gigantic piece of property on a creek. We enjoy our day, then get a ride back downtown. Later on that night, we eat dinner outside at a Mexican restaurant before jumping on a train to go to a concert.

One week later, we find ourselves in suburban Minneapolis. Minneapolis offers many of the same offerings as Denver, but we don't take advantage of them. There are many cool little places to eat lunch that we've never been to. There are several breweries that we could visit that are on beautiful properties. We could eat outside at any number of restaurants, and there are concerts nearly every day of the weak. We don't do any of that, because we live here.

We find ourselves exploring more when we are not at home. When we're at home, we settle into the comfortable. We live our lives mostly on autopilot, falling into our same habits and routines. When we're not at home, we realize that we were only there for a short amount of time, so we feel like it's our obligation to explore.