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Couples, Conversations, and Money

❝Any worthwhile conversation starts with listening. -Simon Sinek

I'm doing homework in my living room with the TV on in the background. I'm in college, and I'm pretty busy between school and work. Since I'm so busy, I believe it's necessary to multi-task. I'm trying to eat dinner, do homework, and watch television all at the same time. This proves to be unsuccessful because I don't really know what's going on in the program.

Then I hear one of the characters say that he not only wasn't on the same page with somebody else, but they weren't even reading the same book. I had to take a break to ponder the statement. I have not heard this before, but I think it's powerful.

Fifteen years later, I'm still thinking about this statement. It represents how people have different assumptions and core beliefs. I can't be on the same page with somebody if I'm not reading the same book. I can't find common ground with somebody if I don't share the same core beliefs and values.

Fortunately, I believe there's more common ground than we think. We are reading the same book and are close to the same page, especially with loved ones. The idea that we're reading from different books is tempting, but it's a story we make up in our minds.


If I may state the obvious, money is stressful. Money is the most common source of stress for people in the United States and a top cause of conflict in relationships. In addition, money is a taboo topic in our culture, so nobody talks about money.

We end up in a situation where we know exactly how stressful money feels for us, but as we look around, it does not look like anybody else is stressed. Not only do we not t