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Money, Authenticity, and Life

authenticity is when you values and actions are in alignment

❝A meaningful life exists at the confluence of one's values and actions.❞ -Joshua Fields Millburn

It's crowded as I walk into the restaurant and make my way upstairs. I'm there with a colleague who has it all figured out. He runs two businesses, volunteers with several organizations, recently published a book, and not so subtly lets me know that he gets three times the speaking gigs I get. Admittedly, I feel rather small compared to him. But I'm trapped now. I have to eat dinner with him.

As we order a couple of drinks, he tells me about the various projects he's working on. The feelings of being small continue because I realize that while I've been wasting my time practicing magic tricks, learning the ukulele, training for squash, and hiking and camping with my wife, he's been spending his time on more work projects than I have.

Forty-five minutes later, his bragging session ends, and he finally asks me about the kinds of projects I'm pursuing. I tell him that I work at the intersection of mindfulness and meaning in life. I share with him how I help people design a life they