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You're here because you have something between where you are and where you want to be. You understand that there's more to good personal finance than just math. You've tried addressing the symptoms before and nothing seems to change. You know there's something deeper. You want to address the root cause of your financial worries.

Are you motivated and looking to level up your financial life? Do you have something in between you and where you want to be? Money Health Solutions online courses and programs combine personal finance, financial psychology, behavioral finance, mindfulness, neuroscience, existential psychology, and positive psychology.


Your money and your life are interconnected. These programs will help you understand how one impacts the other.


Check out the following online courses and programs and see if there's something that works for you.

My mission is to simplify money matters so it doesn't have to be a top source of stress.

Money Health Program

The Money Health Program covers your whole life; past, present, and future. Understand your financial behaviors and beliefs, learn where those beliefs came from, and design a life around your most important values and aspirations. Plan for your financial future using interactive software to help you plan and manage your finances.


Problematic Financial Behaviors/

Money Scripts

You're The Problematic Money Behavior and Money Scripts Program is designed to help you understand what problematic behaviors exist, so you can understand you are not alone. Understand your internalized money beliefs, or Money Scripts. Only after understanding you rbeliefs about money can you change those beliefs and get better outcomes.


Talking About Money

The Talking About Money Program is designed to help you talk about money. Learn how money is a high-stress topic, and how you can use that knowledge to help you speak with more compassion and empathy. Understanding how our brain processes information helps us better communicate about money.


Money and Happiness

The Money and Happiness Program helps you learn to use your money in a way that can bring you more happiness. It's well understood that money doesn't buy happiness (for the most part), but how we use our money can.


Money and Meaning

The Money and Meaning Program is designed to help you live your life more intentionally. Design a life around you personal values and find out what money's purpose is in your life.