The Psychology of Money and Living a Happier, More Meaningful Life

Personal finance meets psychology, philosophy, and mindfulness.

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Where money and psychology meet simple drawings. It's free and there are no advertisers, no sponsors, and no spam.

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Hi, I'm

derek hagen

Every Thursday I send out Money Health Weekly. I write (and draw) about topics such as the psychology of money, happiness, Money Scripts, financial purpose and clarity, values-based life design, and mindfulness.

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"There are only a handful of blogs that I read regularly and Money Health Weekly is one of them."

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"I love Money Health Weekly. There are great posts every week. I love the drawings; they inspire me."

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"I love Money Health Weekly. I always have someone in mind to share it with."

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"Money Health Weekly is awesome. I forward them to my teenagers. I love the charts and the stories. Derek nails it. His newsletter and quirky little cartoons are very interesting. He has a unique perspective I've not encountered elsewhere."

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"Money Health Weekly is one of the best newsletters I've read. It has elements of finance and investing, psychology, and behavioral science, and makes it very easy to understand. I forward these to my entire team."


"I love this content. Derek's work is on point and I love it. I send his emails to my close friends. I subscribed on YouTube as well because I'm an audio learner, but I also love the visual drawings and charts."

- FD

"Money Health has made money issues real and unmasks the intrigue for me. It brings to the fore those soft issues that when you intentionally begin to think about, realize are all that matter."

- KS


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