That's Embarrassing!

When it comes to talking about money, most of us will feel shame, guilt, or embarrassment. This happens to all of us to some extent, but we wouldn't know it by looking at our friends and family. We are very good at hiding our emotions about money. With time you'll learn to manage these emotions, but in the spirit of breaking down the taboo of hiding embarrassing stories, I want to share a few of mine. 

Stories About Money

  • Even though I went to an inexpensive college, I left school with close to $30,000 in student loan debt

  • When I graduated college I had more than $25,000 in credit card debt

  • I purchased four camping trailers in a year and a half

Stories About Life

  • I broke my ankle falling off a bus

  • I was made fun of at a comedy show when the comedian asked if I've ever broke a bone

  • I got a concussion skiing, because I tried expert runs as a beginner

  • I went to the emergency room because of a trampoline injury

Frightening Stories That Sound Cool

  • I was chosen from the audience to help magicians Penn & Teller do a trick in Las Vegas

  • I once impersonated Christopher Walken reading Lady Gaga poetry at a company event in front of 100+ people

  • I was picked to go on stage at a local show, Triple Espresso

Feelings of embarrassment, guilt, or shame are normal. Once we accept that everyone feels these emotions it becomes much easier to talk about.