Financial Consulting

Personal finance has two sides; the exterior and the interior. The exterior side of finance can be thought of like the nuts and bolts of finance, or the mechanics of money. It's the rules. It's the math and the equations. The interior side of finance looks at the emotions, feelings, behaviors, and feelings behind money. Money Health Solutions blends the two, making sure to build a plan looking forward that incorporates your values and feelings about money. It's about aligning your use of money with what's important to you.

Financial consulting is useful for those who want to make sure they are using their money in a way that energizes them and supports their values. In addition, it's also useful for those who have it mostly figured out but want an objective, fresh set of eyes taking a look at their situation.

Financial consulting is forward-looking. If you have financial beliefs and behaviors that may affect your ability to implement a financial consulting plan, financial therapy might be for you. Financial therapy covers the interior side of finance by looking back to your history with money. Learn more here.

There is an important note: Money Health Solutions is not an investment advisor. This means Money Health Solutions does not give specific investment advice regarding individual securities, including mutual funds and ETFs. Instead, as investing goes, the focus is on investment education and financial well-being, including savings rates, asset allocation, account types, investment types. For specific investment advice, Money Health Solutions is happy to work with you to find an appropriate investment advisor.

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