How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of services will depend greatly on how much time is required. After our initial call I will have a good estimate of the amount of time it will take. Half of the estimated cost is due before the engagement with the remainder due upon completion. 

The cost is $150/hour, with a one-hour minimum and billed in 15-minute increments after that. 

The information below is meant to give you an idea of what it might cost. The actual amounts may vary. 

Full Financial Health Program

This is the full program. It includes understanding your values, financial health, money scripts, money history and behaviors, getting financially organized, addressing your financial anxiety and current financial issues, addressing all financial planning topics (budgeting, saving, investing, insurance, taxes, estate planning), an action item plan including which steps to take, the pros, cons, and trade offs of each, and a timeline that you can follow. 

$1,500 (est. 10 hours)

3-4 months, including your homework

Financial Organization Program

This is included in the Full Financial Health Program. The Financial Organization Program helps you know what you own, where you own it, and why. We will get everything online using tools you may already be using - Personal Capital, Mint, or YNAB. Recommendations may be given around expensive and/or redundant products you hold. 

$450 (est. 3 hours)

College Planning Program

This is included in the Full Financial Health Program. The College Planning programs helps you either save for, or pay for college.


If you have young children who will be attending college in the future, saving for college is important. You will get advice about navigating which savings vehicles to use, which 529 plan to use, and which options within each 529 plan to use. 

If you have high school children who are attending college in less than a few years, paying the bills is important to you. You'll understand how both merit and need-based financial aid works at each school and be able to make smart decisions about which colleges are affordable. You will learn how to create a college budget and shop for schools within that budget. You'll learn about the different types of student loans and how to determine the maximum student loans your child should take out. You will learn how to pay the bills in such a way that you have access to "good" student loans if you need them, and get the appropriate tax credits. 

$600 (est. 4 hours)

Retirement Coaching Program

Retirement is not about getting to a certain dollar amount anymore. It's not about finally being able to quit that job that you hate so you can finally spend the rest of your life with unlimited leisure. The downsides of retirement have only recently been researched. The Retirement Coaching program will help you develop a plan for your encore. You need to have a plan to spend your time in ways that energize you and make sure you and your spouse are on the same page if you are married. You will be entering a time when you will be spending close to 100% of your time together when most people haven't done that for much more than a two-week vacation. 

Enter your encore with purpose and a plan. 

$600 (est. 4 hours)

One or Two Questions/Issues

Have one or two questions? Maybe you changed jobs and need help understanding your new company's benefits or which retirement options to choose. Maybe you were just pitched a "too good to be true" insurance policy that the salesperson said was "free" and you want a second opinion. Get your questions answered and gain confidence in your future. 

$600 - $750 (est. 4-5 hours)

Three or Four Questions/Issues

If you need advice on three or four questions or issues, only pay for three or four questions. You won't be upsold. Get advice and answers on the areas in which you are struggling. 

$900 - $1,050 (est. 6-7 hours)

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