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It is not uncommon for us to spend money in ways that benefit others' interests. This could be clever marketers that steal our attention, advanced algorithms that online retailers use, or our friends, families, and neighbors (those pesky proverbial Jones') who make us think we need more. Often we can end up thinking that buying more stuff will make us happier. 

Align your use of resources in ways that energize you. Learn what is important to you, figure out what you truly want and who you really want to be, get a clear understanding of your current reality, and keep yourself on track going forward.

Money is the number one cause of anxiety, stress, and marital conflict. Given all the guilt, shame, anxiety, and fear that comes from talking about money, it should be no surprise that so many people have trouble talking about money. 

Do you or anyone you know avoid talking about money? Is it because you or they know it will lead to shame or guilt? Perhaps every time money comes up a fight with a partner is imminent.


Our brains are wired to work against good talks about money. All behaviors are desperate attempts to meet our basic needs. Learn about strategies to overcome our subconscious pitfalls.

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