Consulting and Training

I envision a world where 1) money doesn't stress people out, 2) people are able to have productive conversations about money, and 3) people use their money as a tool to support their important values.

People come to Money Health Solutions when they have something between them and financial wellness, or Money Health, and they don't know what it is or haven't been able to get by it on their own. I facilitate Money Health by helping you identify and change your financial beliefs and behaviors that may be negatively impacting your life. I help you create new habits, behaviors, and systems that help you live a financially healthy life without having to rely on your limited willpower.

In other words, I help you think, feel, and behave differently about money. I help you straighten out your financial life - much like this image.


If you're here, then one of these may describe you.

  • You know what you're supposed to do logically, but you can't get yourself to do it.

  • You feel negative emotions, like shame, stress, guilt, or anxiety when money matters come up.

  • You struggle to talk about money and find yourself fighting about it with your partner.

  • You mindlessly spend money without a plan and feel bad about it.

  • You're so anxious about money that you avoid thinking about it, talking about it, or doing anything about it.

  • You have a good income but you aren't saving as much as you think you should be.

  • Enough is enough; now's the time to do something about your financial situation.


We improve your financial life by look not only at money, but by also incorporating how you feel about money, what emotions come up for you with money matters, how you behave with money and why, and what's important to you. Together we'll improve your relationship with money and help you use your money in a way that supports your most important values.

  • Reduce your worry and stress

  • Change unwanted financial behavior​​

  • Enjoy peace of mind

  • Understand your money history

  • Obtain a healthy relationship w/ money

  • Align your money and your values

  • Design your life and live intentionally

  • Live a simpler financial life

Do you want to learn more? Download one or both of these ebooks to learn more about how to have productive money conversations and align your use of money with what's important to you.

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