Money Health Solutions

Money Health Solutions was born out of the idea that money need not be the thing that keeps people from becoming better versions of themselves. It envisions a world where people are as comfortable talking about money as they are talking about what's for dinner. Money Health Solutions' purpose is to help people live intentionally and mindfully, using their money as a tool to support their ideal life, reduce their stress and improve their confidence.

People come to Money Health Solutions because they have something in between them and financial health and they either don't know what it is, or they haven't been able to get past it on their own. Money Health Solutions facilitates financial health by helping to identify and intervene in financial beliefs and behaviors that may negatively impact your financial health and gives you more direction, clarity, and purpose in your life.

People don't want to become personal finance experts. That's why Money Health Solutions helps create an automated system for clients that we call MyMoney System.

You only get one life; live intentionally!

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