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I'm Derek, and I get out of bed to make people better off today than they were yesterday so that they can live an easier, more intentional life.

I believe that money need not be stressful. I created Money Health Solutions to help you use money on purpose, with purpose, to support the life that you'd be proud to live.

If you believe in living life intentionally in a world where money isn't stressful, then we'd be a good fit.

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Meet Derek Hagen

Financial behavior and personal finance expert

Professionally trained in financial psychology

Listens well to understand you fully

Offers a judgment-free environment

Skilled financial communicator

Passionate about simplifying money matters

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

-Steve Jobs

"Derek is an excellent listener with remarkable retention and inference skills that demonstrate his desire to truly understand what I am trying to say. Working with Derek has transformed the way I perceive my past, the way I live today and the way I anticipate my future.


Working with Derek has transformed the way I perceive my past, the way I live today and the way anticipate my future."

- Desirée A. (Manitoba)

"We are so glad to have met and work with Derek. By patiently helping us see how our life experiences shaped the way we think about money, we began to see and understand each other's different money priorities, which brought us closer together. Derek helped us define what we wanted to do with our money and showed us ways to not let finances get in the way of enjoying life.


Working with Derek has been one of the best investments we've ever made."

- Steven & Lisa L. (Texas)

"Working with Derek has changed my life for the better. Throughout sessions, I was able to release the financial mental baggage that was weighing on me. After our sessions, I feel like a completely different person with a renewed outlook in all areas of my life. Derek doesn't shy away from asking hard questions about life and I was extremely impressed with Derek's ability to summarize our sessions.


Working with Derek will enable you to live your best life."

- Rhea O. (Minnesota)

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"As soon as we become aware of money, we develop beliefs about it - beliefs we cling to."

-George Kinder

"Working with Derek has been wonderful. The skills that he has taught us have changed us on multiple levels. We are able to now have positive, constructive conversations about our day-to-day finances, as well as planning our financial futures. We have a deeper understanding of our financial goals and how to make those a reality.


Through Derek's guidance, we have been able to implement a streamlined system that works for us."

- Amy & Brian H. (Minnesota)

"Derek does a great job is asking the right questions to get you to think about your priorities - not just financially, but throughout your life. Derek makes you think deeply about your use of finances and if that is aligned with your values and the legacy you want to leave.


I would recommend Derek to anyone who wants to better understand what your values are and how your finances support them."

- Chris M. (Minnesota)

"Derek is a true financial expert who had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process. I found it very helpful to discuss specific situations and come up with a plan that was aligned with my values. Derek is gifted at leading you to decisions versus making decisions for you.


I highly recommend Derek. I have 100% confidence in my financial decisions and know my future is better off thanks to Derek's advice."

- Lucas A. (Minnesota)

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